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    US Entry to World War II

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    What are three (3) of the major events that led to the outbreak of World War II? How did the events contributed to starting the War?

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    WW2 was a conflict that spanned the globe. While fighting broke out first in Europe with Germany as the aggressor, conflict soon spread around the world, in North Africa and in the Pacific and across the Far East. America in 1940 under then Pres. Roosevelt was promised that American 'boys' will not be sent out to war and that the U.S. will not enter it to preserve lives and the country's security. Even then, pleas to assist and for support was issued by many countries already involved in the conflict, but particularly by the United Kingdom (UK) as Britain and it's Commonwealth of Nations, including its territories in Asia Pacific were under attack by the Japanese. The US in the first instance was reluctant, even if its intelligence services were warning about the dangers ...

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