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America’s Entry into World War II

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Examine three of the major events that led up to the outbreak of World War II. How did each event contribute to the war?

Why did the Americans initially wanted to stay out of the conflict that would become World War II? List two reasons.

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As can be expected with any event involving multiple nations, there are multiple factors that created it. World War 2 is certainly no exception, with a multitude of events that occurred that, in combination, lead to the outbreak of a war that encompassed many of the nations of power at that time. Let us look at three events that occurred that can be considering major contributors to the conflict.

This particular war began on September 1, 1939, so let's back up just a few months and cover some events just before this time. On April 18, 1939 the Soviet Union proposed the formation of a tripartite alliance. The countries involved would have been the United ...