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    Mexican Laborers and the Bracero Agreement

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    The Bracero agreement:

    1. Background: The rise of fascist powers and American entry into World War II created a man power shortage in United States
    2. Agreement: A bilateral agreement between the United States and Mexico and later by an Executive order Braceros were allowed to till the agricultural lands of US and sustain the American railroad
    3. Contributions: The Braceros had transformed America into a lush green farm land
    4. Braceros suffered countless sufferings like segregation and inadequate compensation
    5. The bracero program was officially ended on May 30, 1963
    6. The condition of Braceros today.

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    The Bracero Agreement was an official agreement between the United States and Mexico in August 1943. The agreement allowed Mexico to sent its agricultural laborers to the United States on a temporary basis. America was forced to take such a bold step of controlled migration due to the explosive world scenario.

    The rise of Axis powers and attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan in 1941 dragged America into World War II. In the midst of bloodiest battle, Franklin Delano Roosevelt started to built up massive military infrastructure. Tireless efforts were made in production line, while countless people were deployed in the war front. During this period of ...

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    During World War II, there arose a shortage of man power in United States. During this period host of Mexican laborers entered the United States to work in the field of agriculture and sustain American railroads. A bilateral agreement in the beginning between two countries and later by an executive order, the laborers were permitted to work in the US on a temporary basis. The Mexican farming community made great contributions to United States, but they suffered great amount of discrimination from the hands of racist Americans.