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    Ethic Groups and Discrimination

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    Research to determine if the group(the group with which you choose)
    colonized or if it immigrated to the United States. Did the group face prejudice, segregation, racism or any combination of the three? If so, how and why? Include two or three research findings in your response.Was this group effected by or did it participate in any of the following forms of
    discrimination? If so, describe:
    ? Dual labor market
    Environmental justice issues
    ? Affirmative action
    ? Redlining
    ? Double jeopardy
    ? Institutional discrimination
    ? Reverse discrimination
    ? Glass ceiling, glass walls, or glass escalator.
    APA formatted please, no need for references. An example that would help to guide me, this is what would really help me, in the neighborhood of 700 words would be perfect, I want to add any help would be seriously appreciated, Thank you for your time and assitance concerning this question. MIke

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    I have chosen the Hispanic ethnic group and sub categorized this group to focus mainly on the Mexican sector.
    Colonized or Immigrated
    Mexican's have emigrated from Mexico to the United States legally and illegally. To differentiate a legal immigrant from a legal immigrant is the possession of a green card.
    Do Mexican Americans face prejudice, segregation, racism or any combination of the three?
    This group has face prejudice since the day the first Mexican crossed the border. The economy is poor in Mexico and I can understand a family wanting to come to the land of dreams but one must do so legally. According to Migration Policy Institute, "The number of illegal Mexicans in the United States is larger than some legal immigrant populations, such as Romanian immigrants." (2008) This information is significant, as the laws of the United States seem to favor the illegal immigrants versus the legal citizens of the nation.
    The economy is has decreased the number of illegal Mexican immigrants. The Washington Post has recently reported that "Although the U.S. economy's nosedive has probably contributed to a substantial drop in the number of illegal Mexican immigrants coming into the United States, those already here will be less motivated ...

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