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    Biracial Perspectives

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    Using information from the article by Wright et al., describe the major issues, themes, needs, and challenges that biracial individuals face.

    - Identify effective interventions for biracial individuals in the workplace.
    - Describe how biracial individuals are similar to and different from other groups.
    - Describe what current researchers say about these issues.
    - Apply your findings to how these issues and ideas support cultural sensitivity and positive interactions in the workplace.
    - Discuss how these findings promote fair and equal treatment and consideration for the biracial individual.
    - Further, you may address the issue of the term "biracial" in your response.

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    What does biracial mean in today's society? Some would define biracial as the mixing of a whites and blacks, others would say it is someone who posses' genes from several different cultures, still others would say it is anyone born with different genes other then European. Over the last decade America has seen more and more blending of cultures leading to either acceptance of biracial individuals or further discrimination.
    Biracial individuals are still facing challenges even in today's culture. Many biracial couples experience prejudice, language barriers, discrimination, segregation and cultural challenges. These issues have impacted the workplace, neighborhoods and social scenes ...

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    This solution clearly describes the major issues, themes, needs, and challenges that biracial individuals face.