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WWII's Impact on US History

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I have been studying for my Final Exam of History class. Now, I got to this point where I need help:

-- How and Why did World War II made a great impact on the course of American History?

I will need a clear and detailed answer. Taking in consideration that it also needs compelling and abundant evidence.

Thank you.

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The expert examines WWII's impact on the United States history,

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To begin it helps if you look at the impact of World War II in terms of social & economic effects. This may also mean that you need to subdivide the social category into effects of the military, relationship with other countries, etc.
<br>The most obvious impact of World War II was that it marked the beginning of the Cold War with the USSR's occupation of Eastern Europe, Germany, and specifically Berlin (ie the Berlin Wall). The Cold War began after the War & lasted through 1989. While the US helped to rebuild the country's of Europe (an economic ...

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