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    Views of the United States after WWII

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    How did the world view America after Europe was liberated from Germany's aggression? How did that view change after America dropped the atomic bomb on Japan? How did the rest of the world view America's new role in 1945? Moreover, how did Americans see themselves in their new expanded role?

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    These are some extremely multifaceted questions, with many answers from all sides, all with their own bias. I'll give you a general understanding and explanation of the answers. I will also attach some sources to enhance your understanding of the time period. Just keep in mind that bias is always prevalent, and sources biased towards the US are the ones most readily available in English.

    Most countries had a positive view of the United States after the liberation of Europe. Americans were the liberators, after all, and everyone was mainly just happy about the end to the war. I thought the video (link below) was a great example of how the Americans liked to think about the liberation and about their reputation in the land they'd liberated. However, all of history is biased in some way, and many Americans do not seem to recognize the fact that some Europeans were angry about the accidental civilian loss of life that was a part of the liberation. Generally speaking, however, there was a positive view of America and Americans because ...

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    An analysis of the world's view of the United States after the WWII victory in Germany, contrasted with the world's view of the United States after Hiroshima. Additionally, the American view of their place in the world is analyzed.