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    World War II: America's Role and Foreign Policy

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    Please help in completing 5 questions surrounding World War II.

    1. Explain the various causes of World War II.

    2. Explain America's foreign policy that developed after World War I and that was in place at the beginning of World War II, and describe how that policy changed as the war progressed.

    3. Describe the events of World War II, both in Europe and in the Pacific, and explain why the United States acted as it did throughout the conflict.

    4.Describe and discuss the American home front during World War II, paying special attention to long-term societal changes.

    5. Explain how World War II was brought to an end, both in Europe and in the Pacific, and discuss the immediate aftermath of the war both in America and around the world.

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    1. The main cause of WWII was to defeat Adolf Hitler, who was dictator of Germany during this era. Hitler had a concept that he was going to be the supreme ruler of the world, and he set out to conquer it beginning with the invasion of Poland in 1939. Wherever the Nazis went, they bought terror to people, mainly against Jews. The war began when Britain and France decided to stop him after this invasion. Hitler had two allies, Italy and Japan, both of which thought he would succeed and rule the world, so they wanted to be on his good side. The United States got involved in the war when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor as part of Hitler's plan to conquer the world.

    2.The policy was named The Treaty of which ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers. It was signed on 28 June 1919 and required Germany to accept the responsibility of the war. "The key points of the treaty that contributed to the conditions in Germany that ...

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