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    Containment- US Foreign Policy 1940s and 1950s

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    Origin of the Cold War, and the long-standing US foreign policy of containment are illustrated.

    How did the policy of containment place the United States at the center of international conflicts during the 1940's and 1950's?

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    Origin of Russo-US Conflict:
    Aside from the direct European conflict, World War 1 spurred the entry of both Cold War superpowers onto the world stage. "The United States, under President Wilson, entered the First World War not to restore the balance of power but to end the whole European state system and 'make the world safe for democracy' under a new international order. Russia, under the leadership of Lenin, had the Bolshevik Revolution, withdrew from the war and called for a 'world' revolution," (Mason, 1996. Pg 1).

    Containment Defined:
    As a generic strategy, containment sought to prevent "expansion of an imperialist or otherwise aggressive adversary by supporting its weaker neighbors and blocking its military, political, economic, ...

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    APA style response with references cited for further research. Illustration of the origins of the Cold War, and American efforts toward containment of aggressive political ideology from the 1940's into the Korean War of the 1950's.