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    How did the American Society cope with Foreign and Domestic Policy from WW2 Until the End of the Cold War?

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    How did the "American Paradox" manifest itself in foreign policy and American Society until the end of the Cold War?

    The American Paradox being after World War 2, the U.S emerges as the sole world power.. While trying to maintain that role, socially and politically in foreign policy and on home soil... How did it manifest itself?

    Looking for what I should include, how to structure it, what can I leave out, what must be included... how would you describe the paradox..

    We are using a book called the "American Paradox" a History of the US since 1945 by Steven Gillon. I am not doing a book report or an analysis on this book, rather this is the book we used during the duration of the course...

    Need Help
    I know the basic timeline of events but need more guidance..
    I am not looking for a list of web links and would prefer help from someone with a background in History

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    For almost forty-five years (1945-1989) the Cold War dominated international relations and loomed large on the American homefront. Characterized by high tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, the Cold War shaped foreign policies and deeply affected both countries' political, economic, and military institutions. By justifying the projection of U.S. power and influence all over the world, the Cold War facilitated the assertion of global leadership by the U.S. The doctrine of containment, the main component of U.S. Cold War foreign policy, not only aimed at limiting Soviet power and influence but also facilitated the expansion of U.S. power and influence. It is this policy of containment that creates a paradox; the U.S. tried to limit ...