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    Social Events: Impact

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    Historical events like the Great Depression, World Wars, and pandemics have had a marked impact on an individual's life course. How do you expect the current world wide economic downturn to impact those living in this era?

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    Sociological Impact of Events

    Sociology is the study of society. When it was conceptualized by Emmanuel Kant, he envisioned sociology to be the central 'social science' wherein all human sciences are anchored from including history, economics, political science, etc. In sociology we use the scientific method side by side with philosophy and critical analysis to investigate social phenomenon for the purpose of creating a body of knowledge that will help repair social ills and steer society to a better outcome. Now, when we say scientific, we refer to empirical studies, evidence-based and critically-sourced knowledge. When we study society and human activities, there are 2 considerations to always remember, that any social event is situated in history and according to social context. This is how we can study and ascertain impact of events to a group of people, to their history and the actions and decisions they have taken in reference to this that has created a long term impact, changing the way society is organized. When we do this we are employing what C. Wright Mills refer to as sociological imagination, the ability to relate social phenomenon and events and consider how they impact each other and society as a whole now only in the present but in the future (long term). Consider for example WW2. This is a very broad topic but we can right away point out a few of its legacies - the establishment of Israel, the division of Germany to East and West, the birth of 2 superpowers (Russia and the US), the establishment of 2 very different ideologies that led to the Cold War, nuclear armament, the race for Space (which led Man to the Moon), the establishment of the UN, etc. But these are the bigger social impact of global dimensions. We can say, at the very least, for Americans WW2 was both a source of nationalism and the development of ...

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