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    Interdisciplinary Instruction and Positive Student Development

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    How does interdisciplinary instruction promote positive student development? In your discussion, present at least two areas of possible student growth that can be positively impacted through interdisciplinary instruction. Give specific examples wherever possible. Compare and contrast traditional instruction in social studies with interdisciplinary instruction in social studies.

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    Interdisciplinary instruction promotes positive student development through improving critical thinking skills. It also promotes student development in areas of creativity and communications skills.

    Using an example of social studies subject matter, students develop critical thinking when they are presented with both sides of a historical argument or battle, for example. Students who are involved in role play or are asked to explain how they interpret both sides of the story through writing (which uses language and English skills), they learn to express themselves more confidently and to think about how each side may apply to current situations or to their own lives. This is where ...

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    Interdisciplinary instructions and positive student development are examined.