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    The Importance of Curriculum Sharing in Educational Achievement

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    1. Discuss the positive as well as negative impacts of curriculum sharing on instruction and student performance.

    2. Explain why are the impacts possible or if they are not plausible.

    3 pages minimum, include references

    Useful article:

    Ares, N.. (2008).* Cultural practices in networked classroom learning environments. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 3(3).

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    I think that one of the positive impacts of curriculum sharing on instruction is the fact that curriculum sharing provides a mechanism by which it structures and entire school and university systems can learn different methodologies by which to be able to develop and plan their curriculum for their students. By gaining access to other curriculums, instructors can learn aspects of curriculum planning that include conducting a situational analysis of academic requirements and the needs of the students, develop an academic mission specific curriculum, developed the means by which to activate and implement each aspect of the curriculum into the learning paradigm, as well as the means by which to effectively communicate that curriculum to students and other pertinent individuals. This is a very important aspect and benefit of curriculum sharing, due to the fact that a curriculum that is developed through meticulous planning and organization, we tend to make instructing students much more coordinated and efficient. This would tend to have a tremendous benefit on student learning as well, due to the fact that students tend to be able to follow a well-developed curriculum in ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of curriculum sharing in educational achievement.