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    Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

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    Give a synopsis of what you consider to be the most useful website you found for two of the following categories:
    - Content collaboration
    - Curriculum sharing
    - Media sharing
    - Virtual environments
    - Social networking and communication

    1. What you found useful and interesting about these websites
    2. An analysis of how this type of website/activity might be useful to your students
    3. Take note that the NETS standards are included. Reflect on how you are currently meeting these standards and how that may or may not change in future based on what you are seeing in your explorations of various resources in this assignment.

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    For "Media Sharing," the discoveryeducation.com website is extremely useful. What makes this site so useful is that it provides a broad range of digital media content to the classroom that is aligned with state standards and that can be customized to any curriculum. It is also able to be modified to any technology platform. The way in which this site can be useful to students is in immersing them in a world of people, places, and events that they ...