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Strategies to Engage Students in the Learning Process

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What strategies and techniques do you utilize to actively engage students in the learning process?

How do you ensure that you address the diverse needs and learning styles of students to promote success, retention, and persistence?

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What strategies and techniques do you utilize to actively engage students in the learning process?
1. Cooperative Learning is a relationship in a group of students that requires positive interdependence (a sense of sink or swim together), individual accountability (each of us has to contribute and learn), interpersonal skills (communication, trust, leadership, decision making, and conflict resolution), face-to-face promotive interaction, and processing (reflecting on how well the team is functioning and how to function even better). Examples of cooperative learning activities include different group activities in the classroom.
2. Participatory Classroom Discussion. Classroom discussions can help students achieve a richer, deeper understanding of the content. However, the teacher must be creative to allow more student participation and leave him/her role as a facilitator of the discussion. Some activities that can enhance student participation are asking questions, calling on students, using a variety of discussion formats, responding to the comment of a student, asking follow-up question, taking a comment as a point of departure ...

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This solution outlines strategies and activities used to engage in the learning process as well as solutions for addressing diverse needs from different learning styles (learning styles are listed). This solution is 637 words.