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    Cognitive apprenticeship

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    I need to choose a skill or concept that might best be taught using cognitive apprenticeship and present a detailed plan for doing so in a 1200-1500 word paper I must write/present in APA format.

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    In reference to cognitive apprenticeship, this approach to teaching is predicated upon focusing on the cognitive and meta-cognitive structures that the student has acquired through their learning experiences and cultural environment, and subsequently assisting these students in obtaining the ability to engage in complex problem-solving processes. The instructors must ensure that the context of their instructions are in accordance with the student's cognitive learning structure as the basis of the lesson plan used to develop teaching strategies and methods that can establish learning sequences that will develop a pattern that allows the learner to develop into the most optimal learner possible.

    The objective is to apply an approach that incorporates the student's own experiences and cultural traits into their learning schema wherein the learner is able to identify with the lesson plan. The teacher uses real-world issues that are placated upon reflection wherein the learner builds upon previously learned information and taps into their own cognitive mental schema to establish an approach to the new information that can be tied to their own personal cultural ...

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    Cognitive apprenticeships are examined.