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    Cognitive Apprenticeship Skills

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    . I must Present a plan for teaching a skill or concept using cognitive apprenticeship and also suggest additional cognitive strategies you might incorporate. Ask for specific feedback on your plan. What is one key question you have for your partner or group that would help you develop this further? At the conclusion of the week (Day 7), present a collaborative learning statement - what did you and your partner or team learn about cognition by doing this peer review?

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    Cognitive strategies such as modeling, coaching, scaffolding, articulation and reflection can all be included in your plan. No matter the subject area and grade level the teacher can use the "I do, We do, You do" strategy. In "I do" the teacher models and students watch. In "We do" the students and teacher attempt the task together. The teacher then acts as the coach and based upon the success of the student, puts scaffolding into place to address observed needs. The student then attempts the task alone in "You do."

    Let's take teaching the skill of long division. Think about the steps of solving a long division ...

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    Cognitive strategies needed to accomplishing skills and concepts are discussed with resources for additional information to develop units of study applicable to any subject area.