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Goverment-Led Training Initiatives

1. Write a note on 'Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA)' and 'National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs)'.

2. What led the UK government to launch and develop the 'Learning & Skilling Initiatives' competency schemes for their labour market?
The emergence of Human Capital Theory viewed HRD as an investment as per the government's strategic vision.

Do you thinks this vision was attained through the policies and programmes adopted by them or not? Elaborate.
Which two training programmes do you think are most effective out of the whole range of different programmes launched through the initiatives of the UK government.

Give your rationale on why you think these programmes are most effective?
With respect to the programmes launched by UK government, what is your opinion regarding the modern apprenticeship schemes?

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Step 1
The 'Qualification and Curriculum Authority maintains and develops the National curriculum in England and Northern Ireland. It is also charged with developing related tests, examinations, and assessments. The 'Qualification and Curriculum Authority is also responsible for advising the Secretary of State for Education on matters relating to national curriculum. The Secretary of State for Education has however decided to introduce and support a law that will abolish the 'Qualification and Curriculum Authority and replace with a new Standards and Testing Agency.

The 'National Vocational Qualifications are work based awards in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. These awards are given after assessment and training. To earn the 'National Vocational Qualifications award the candidates must establish that they have the skills/competence to carry out the jobs to the required standards. The award of 'National Vocational Qualifications is based on 'National Occupational Standards that delineates the abilities required in different job roles. There are five levels of ...

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