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Advise on Social Service debate

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Should the Federal Government increase social services initiatives to improve the quality of life issues for the less fortunate ones. For instance: 1) promoting training/educational assistance initiatives to help the unskilled workers obtain/hold jobs 2) assist the elderly/homeless with affordable housing; 3) increase health insurance coverage for the poor. Secondly, what impact would this have on the federal deficit? Is that a burden we should place on all the citzenry? Why?

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Ok, I'm going to work a little backwards on the explanation because I think you need to look the second part of the question before you can decide for yourself whether or not you think the goverment should increase social spending. Basically this question is asking you to address the idea of the welfare state. Gosta Esping-Andersen in his book, "The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism" gives a common definition of the welfare state involving "state responsibility for securing some basic modicum of welfare for its citizens." Social-assistance dominated welfare states, which give based on need rather than universally (such as the examples given in the first part of the question) are actually looked at as strengthening the market because they only give minimum coverage, encouraging people to work if possible because the benefits gained from working are more than they ...

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The solution provides advise in tackling the problem of government social service initiatives.

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