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How Technology Drives Social Change

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Please Help me put together ideas to answer the following questions:

How have changes in technology affected social change in people's lives?

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Technology & the Social Network

"Men must be capable of imagining and executing and insisting on social change, if they are to reform or even maintain civilization, and capable too of furnishing the rebellion which is sometimes necessary if society is not to perish of immobility. "
- Jonathan Pezier, 2005

Throughout history, as man progressed technologically from simple inventions (the wheel, the use of papyrus & paper) to the complex mechanics of the 21st century, one can discern the relationship of the earlier technology to the other. This is a progression that builds on the knowledge of the previous generation by using established ideas from the past to arrive at new truths & new knowledge. As it was, technology & invented mechanics was all about making life better for man, to aid in daily activities, to keep the social network & enhance it.

Man is a social animal. Anthropological studies show that the earliest man gathered together in small bands for survival - social ties to ensure a sharing of responsibility and better odds of survival. Belonging in a group created relationships from simple to complex according to need, starting from basic (food, shelter, procreation) to that of self-actualization (contentment, confidence, happiness, pride).

We moved from the pre-historic world in which the first men belonged, to the complex burgeoning feudal systems of the Middle Ages, to that of industrialized nations of the 19th Century and then to the globalized world of ours in the present. The ox & cart ...

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The solution explores how technology drives social change, how it affects agency and structure and the creation of new practices and subculture that in the long run becomes or dictates society to establkish itself as a necessity, a norm. It explores globalization and new communication technlogies and to give a better perspective in terms of human development it delves into history looking back into human development via the innovations through civilizations that have led to the one we are part of today. For specificity, it explores how technology affects the singular/individual life. Written in the APA format, it is attached as a word file as well for easy printing.