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    Q&A: Global Warming, Social Technology and Social Change

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    How can social change and global warming be merged in order to build a positive society and environment?

    How has social technology affected today's society?

    How can we continue research and thinking about social technology and global warming?

    *300 words for 3 credits*

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    Society and Environment Q&A

    Q: How can social change and global warming be merged in order to build a positive society and environment?
    A: At first glance, it can seem that global warning, as an environmental concern is in a different arena to concerns relating to social change. But global warming is a condition, an environmental phenomenon that has very real social consequences. Additionally, while it might be the case that the cooling and warming of the planet is a mechanism that happens whether or not human beings take part in the agency that pushes for either to happen, at this point in human history, our industries, our technologies, our way of life contributes CO2 emissions into the atmosphere that in turn contribute to changes in atmospheric temperatures. And this 'warming' impacts us in many ways including the following (Byrd and DeMates, 2014):
    1. Change in patterns of agricultural production which can hurt farmers, especially small producers which encompasses the global poor.
    2. Rural and Urban poor will be unable to cope with effects like drought and floods so that risks to livelihood and health might not be mitigated.
    3. Unequal ability to adapt between countries that are developed and countries that are underdeveloped can push social inequality and wealth divide further.
    4. At risk members of the population - women, children, the elderly, the disabled - especially in developing countries that do not have the means to adapt can be pushed to the brink social, psychologically and economically.
    5. Communities, due to rising sea levels can be forced to relocate which brings on the question of 'where and how' and the ...

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