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    On Climate Change & Global Warming

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    Regarding the issue of climate change and global warming: NOTE: This essay will have a minimum word requirement of 350 words.

    Briefly define and describe the terms climate change and global warming, then....
    In trying to balance the pro's and con's on the respective sides of this issue; provide one scientific statement and/or argument for your position and then provide one countering statement or argument from the other side. Provide some discussion for both positions. Please make sure that you include where you obtained your resource material. (Wikipedia.org is NOT an acceptable source)
    i. For example: On one side Al Gore tells us that "a new scientific study shows that, for the first time, polar bears have been drowning in significant numbers." Yet, from another point of view, we learn that research published in 2001 by the Polar Bear Specialist Group of the World Conservation Union that of the twenty distinct subpopulations of polar bears, one or possibly two were declining in Baffin Bay while more than half of the subpopulations were known to be stable. In addition, there were two subpopulations that were actually increasing around the Beaufort Sea. (Now you can discuss these statements/positions) The Gore statement is from Gore and Melcher Media, 2006:146. The Polar Bear Specialist website is http://pbsg.npolar.no/default.htm (IUCN Species Survival Commission, 2001).

    ii. The above example was taken from "Cool It, The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming" by Bjorn Lomborg, 2007, Albert Knopf publishers....a very good, scientifically well balanced book. You might also check out the following websites for other perspectives on these issues:

    iii. www.pewresearch.org; www.climatescience.gov; www.nrdc.org; www.sciencemag.org; www.greenpeace.org; www.eia.doe.gov; www.answers.com/topic/emperorpenguin; www.junkscience.org; www.unep.org.

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    Dear Student,
    I shall assume that the post you provided is a direct quote from the set of instructions provided for by your professor. As such while I know that you require a 350-word essay for it, I cannot directly write it for you per Brainmass policy. However, I will provide a guide for you, defining climate change & global warming and the issues on either side of the table. To help you further I shall provide an essay structure you can use as your guide. 350 words isn't much, it is in fact rather concise. Also, I shall assume that you would need to write it, APA style and citation-wise it will have to be done so as not to take up much room within the essay due to your word limit. I have provided attachments with your solution as well: a word format of this solution & some other materials you can use. Thank you for using Brainmass! Take note that you can also directly cite this solution if you need to.

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    Defining Climate Change

    The BBC has recently sponsored a climate change research working with scientists from Oxford University, Climate Prediction Consortium & over 250,000 global respondents to the experiment to identify the increase in global temperatures since 1960. The results from the global experiment shows temperature patterns over globally and has allowed scientists to predict that by 2080, the UK at least would have a temperature increase of 4 degrees Celsius. The Earth's climate is always changing since the birth of the planet. Lately however, the term 'climate change' is used when one refers to the general changes in climate patterns since the 1900's. Global Warming according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is any long term evident change in a region's average weather (climate). Climate Change as an issue has become hot topic in recent years because the changes that the planet has experienced globally are thought to have resulted from human behaviour. Green House gases from industry is seen to be a major threat towards 'Green House Effect', that ability of the Earth's atmosphere to screen & absorb solar power keeping the Earth at 15C on average surface temperature, making life in the planet possible. The Naturally ...

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    The solution seeks to provide guidance on understanding the issue of global warming & climate change: the political, environmental & social sides of it. It defines the basic concepts within the issues presented using selected readings from the work of Al. Gore & Bjorn Lomborg as well as materials from the likes of Pew research center. It also provides an essay outline that can be used in creating an essay on the topic. Attachments include a wordversion of the solution, an excerpt from Al Gore's work on Global warming & a diagram representing the increase of CFCs on the earth's athmosphere.