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Global Warming and Climate Change notes are

I need help writing a summary on Global Warming and Climate Change.

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In writing a summary on the two topics, I would first make sure to clearly identify the purpose of your writing in your introduction .

As you move into the body of the summary, I would make sure to identify what, exactly, global warming is, and then move into how it is being perceived as an enormous contributing factor to climate change, but don't cover climate change in the first paragraph or two: keep your focus first on global warming.

For instance, I would use the first--and possibly the second--body paragraph to define and describe what global warming is, but steer clear of discussing the specifics of its impact (as I mention above) until you start discussion of climate change in the following body paragraphs. For example, I would probably refer to how much of the Earth's surface is covered by water as opposed to land, and how the ocean impacts the world's ...

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