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Backing up Data

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How important is backing up your data to you? What steps do you take or will you take to keep your computer safe and secure? Be thorough and specific in your plans. Include your resources. Interview two other people and report on their backup and security practices.

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The solution shows steps on safe digital data storage. Various data storage media are mentioned and how to utilize them.

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How important is backing up your data to you?

Data and files accumulated over time are precious than gold. Your data may include pictures saved over a considerable period of time, documents, reports, presentations. For commercial companies, financial data kept for the past 50 years served as lifeblood of their operation. Loss of these data may cause their downfall.

To some, losing their digital data may be synonymous to dying.

It is very easy to back up your data. The longer it takes for us to decide to back up our data the greater is the risk of data losses. Data storage media are now cheaper by the dozen. You can use these storage media:
1. Flash drives - This is easy to carry, easy to ...

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