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Editorial - School Prayer temptation

I am having a difficult time locating the claim, support, warrant, backing, rebuttal, and qualifier (please provide citations if possible). Thank you.


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Hi there! Let me get into the terms right away, so that when you look at the work on the article (which I attached directly, to make it easier to see), you will understand why things were done and so on.

A Claim is a thesis -- that means it is the most overarching, basic position one tries to prove in any type of argument. The claim can be multifaceted and at times that is why it is hard to pin down. Arguments in academic circles tend to be straightforward. Arguments outside of that social area tend to be more organic, rather than formulaic. Though, that is probably another beneficial reason for encouraging you to go with an article not necessarily purely academic.

Grounds (or as your teacher is calling it, "Support") happens to be the actual data/reasons backing up the claim. Contrary to some understandings, "statistics" ...

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The expert examines editorial for a school prayer temptations.