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    Do You Have the Right to Pray in School?

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    Do you have a constitutional right to pray in public school? What constitutional amendments guarantee you those rights and are the basis of recent year (year 2000 and beyond) U.S. Supreme Court decision? Are there conditions under which prayer is allowed or prohibited?

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    Yes you have the right to pray at school...and much more! The law is often misinterpreted by school officials and many religious groups as well. You can pray in school and schools may be taught religion in schools; however, they have to do it as a comparison and cannot just instruct about one religion. It has to be all inclusive and part of the overall lesson. I will explain this later in this post.

    According to the website "Separation from Church and State (2008), the law with respect to school prayer is very clear. If it is organized, supported, or required by the state, school prayer is illegal. The reason behind this is that state-supported prayer establishes a religious practice. This is even if the teachers and students compose the prayer. What this means is that the state cannot support it or demand it.

    Students may use prayer rituals in school. They may say prayers in the morning, at lunch time, at recess, ...

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