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    Structural diagram of Philippians chapter 1:1-15

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    Can you help me understand how to do a structural diagram of Philippians chapter 1:1-15 according to McDilli's structural diagram? I am confused about how to do this.

    • Place the first independent clause at the left margin
    • Place supporting words above or below the modified term
    • Designate the function of each phrase in the left column
    • Connect separated terms with lines as needed
    • Highlight significant theological terms
    • Underline verbs; place connectives in [brackets]

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    Structural Diagram of Philippians 1:1-15

    A structural diagram assists the reader to visualize the relationships between clauses and phrases within a paragraph.

    It helps the reader to identify the main ideas in an explanation or argument. Structural diagrams are useful for the epistles.

    Some verses will not need to be included because they do not contribute to an explanation or argument presented.

    I will provide you with examples so that you can see how a structural diagram is set up.

    Philippians 1

    Verses 1-2
    These verses set the tone for the letter. The tone is warm and earnest which could be according to the culture of the time and/or according to Paul's character (depending on whose expositions you read).

    Verses 3-6 (Thanksgiving and Prayer)
    Example: Paul is making the point that it is not a burden to continually thank God for ...

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