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    Sample Entity Relationship Diagram

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    Create an Entity Relationship Diagram for the information content of your

    Here are the Contents


    Part 1: The Narratives
    Chapter 1: Layering
    Chapter 2: Organizing Domain Logic
    Chapter 3: Mapping to Relational Databases
    Chapter 4: Web Presentation
    Chapter 5: Concurrency
    Chapter 6: Session State
    Chapter 7: Distribution Strategies
    Chapter 8: Putting it All together

    PART 2: The Patterns
    Chapter 9: Domain Logic Patterns
    Chapter 10: Data Source Architectural Patterns
    Chapter 11: Object-Relational Behavioral Patterns
    Chapter 12: Object-Relational Structural Patterns
    Chapter 13: Object-Relational Metadata Mapping Patterns
    Chapter 14: Web Presentation Patterns
    Chapter 15: Distribution Patterns
    Chapter 16: Offline Concurency Patterns
    Chapter 17: Session State Patterns
    Chapter 18: Base Patterns

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    The expert creates an entity relationship diagram for the information content.