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Case Study on Columbia Accident Investigation Board

Please read the following sections of the report, to assist in analyzing this case study:
Columbia Accident Investigation Board ( 2003, August). Retrieved July 27, 2007 from the following link:
?Chapter 5: FROM CHALLENGER TO COLUMBIA, sections 5.1-5.8
?Chapter 6: DECISION MAKING AT NASA, skim section 6.3 (beginning on
p.140) through p. 166, then read the full summary (pp. 166-172)
1. Organize and categorize the CAIB data and explain your rationale for
your categorization choices.
2. If possible please create a diagram or outline to summarize your assessment .
3. Please explain (in detail) which data and findings you feel are most critical, and why.
4. What did you notice about the nature of the data as you read the case information? For example, how and when were archival records used? What about interviews?


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The Columbia Accident Investigation Board is analyzed. A diagram to summarize the assessment is created.