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    Corrective Action

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    Answer the following questions.

    1. What is a corrective action?

    2. What is the relationship between a causal factor and a corrective action?

    3. How must a corrective action be written?

    4. List the hazard control precedence.

    5. Why should a company track corrective actions?

    Read chapter 12 in your text

    Answer the following questions.

    1. What are the three types of accident investigation documentation?

    2. What should be included in an accident investigation report/

    3. What are some trending categories?

    4. What is proactive trending?

    5. What is a follow up?

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    Corrective Action:

    This is the action that is utilized in a setting through the identification and elimination of the causes of a problem hence thwarting their occurrences. This action should be considered as a response that reacts to solve a detected a situation that is non- conformance. Correction actions enable the organizations to contain the problems they are facing so that the process of the correctional action can determine the root cause of the problem. There are varied correction actions that can be undertaken in a setting such as the root cause correction action (Buys et al, 1995).

    Causal factor:

    The causal factor is credited to be the determinant of the problems that need alterations. The causal factor relates with the correction action by virtue of the correction action being the solution to what the causal factor presents. In order to apply the correctional action a causal factor should have prompted the problem at hand. The causal factors presents the extent of the scope of the problem, it quantifies the problems by simplifying the problems at hand and the entities that will be affected by the problem, it through the causal factor analysis that the source of the problem will be identified. This implies that it is the causal factor identification that yields the success of the correction action. An organization has to first contain the problem so as to determine the causal factor that lies under the problem. The correction action that will be applied in the organizational problem will expose the causal factors giving the organization an upper hand to prevent the similar occurrences. The correction action and the causal factor relations is a very important component in the acts of accident investigation. ...

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