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Measuring Performance

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Based on the case study attachment: If you were leading Dell, what specific measures of performance would you incorporate into your strategic management plans? Also, based on the guidelines for proper control, what components would you include in the control system?

See the following reference:
Case 31, Dell, Inc. J. David Hunger, Section E, Mini Cases. Cases in Strategic Management and Business Policy, 12e, 2006.

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The specific measures of performance that I would incorporate into my strategic management plan are:
The total sale revenues of Dell (millions of dollars):
The growth in sales revenues (percent)
The market share in the US (percent):
The market share in the European market (percent)
The market share in the Global market (percent)
The net income of Dell (millions of dollars)
Overhead expenses (percent of revenues)
Each of these measures of performance has been selected from the case study. These measures of performance are all quantifiable and can be closely ...

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This solution explains the process of assessing performance and controlling. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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