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    Benoit's Theory of Image Restoration

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    Use Benoit's theory of image restoration to analyze the crisis of the Penn State Sex Scandal.

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    Step 1
    According to Benoit's Theory of Image Restoration there are several steps that are prescribed. The first step is that the organization should immediately admit fault and accept responsibility. The second step is that corrective actions should be taken and the organization needs to communicate these actions to the public. The third step is bolstering the issues directly related to the charge is very effective. The fourth step is that if the organization is innocent, denial is an effective strategy (Carol A. Adams, 2008).
    The Penn State child sex abuse scandal happened in 2011 at Pennsylvania State University because a former university football assistant coach had sexually assaulted eights underage boys on or near university property. The university officials actually tried to cover up the incidents. There was a grand jury investigation and several high level school officials were charged with perjury. They were suspended, or dismissed for covering up the incidents. There were 52 charges of child molestation dating between 1994 and 2009.

    Step 2
    If we apply Benoit's Theory of Image Restoration to the Penn State child sex abuse scandal the first action that should have been taken by Pennsylvania State University is that the university should have immediately accepted full responsibility for the incident (Jan Bebbington, Carlos Larrinaga, Jose M. Moneva, 2008). The Pennsylvania State University did not admit that the crime had taken place and ...

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