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The Meiji Restoration

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What was gained and what was lost in the Meiji Restoration?
Who helped in the areas where items were gained?
Who opposed changes?
Was opposition even a possibility?

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This 370 word solution provides historical information on the Meiji Restoration from 1868-1912 and includes the source for reference. It highlights the major societal and economic changes that were caused by the Meiji Restoration and answers several questions regarding historical specifics.

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The Meiji Restoration was a period (1868-1912) of major political, economic, and social change in Japan. This resulted in transforming the country from a feudal society to modern industrial state.

What was gained and what was lost in the Meiji Restoration?
Lost of feudal society, gain of a market economy (modern industrial state). For example, former feudal lords lost their lands by returning them to the emperor and the evil feudal customs (e.g. feudal class privileges) were abolished. A constitution, human rights and religious freedom, universal conscription, a new education system (modeled ...

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