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General Mills & Meiji Holdings: Financial Statement Analysis

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Review the financial statements of General Mills and Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

List items in the equity section.
Are there preferred shares?
Any treasury stock?
List basic and diluted EPS
Any discontinued operations?
Any stock compensation plans? What method to value stock? Stock compensation expense reported?

Compute these ratios and discuss the "story" they tell:
• Profitability ratios:
o Gross profit margin
o Net profit margin
o Return on stockholders' equity
• Liquidity ratios:
o Current ratio
o Quick ratio
o Inventory turnover
• Leverage ratios:
o Debt-to-assets
o Debt-to-equity
o Times-covered ratio

What is most informative? (balance sheet, income statement or ratios)
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using ratios.

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Solution Summary

The items are discussed and sections of the 2013 annual reports are shown (cut and paste) so you can see where they find the answers. Ratios are shown (numerator and denominators) in excel.

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