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    The External Environment, Internal Profile, and SWOT

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    The External Environment, Internal Profile, and SWOT

    1) Using ALEXANDER RIGSBY'S WK #1 ANSWERS. What is your opinion on WK #2 QUESTIONS below?


    In order to complete a SWOT, we are required to identify and analyze the key opportunities and threats in the external environment. Then, we need to identify and analyze the company's key strengths and weaknesses (internal analysis).

    (a) Evaluate the operating industry of General Mills using a minimum of two forces included within Porter's Five Forces model.

    The operating industry for General Mills in regard to competitive rivalries is currently placated upon expanding globally, which is required to compete in a market with many similar competitors who also have global imprints such as Nestle and Kelloggs'. They offer equally attractive products and services, therefore, General Mills has been forced to focus on new products such as energy bars such as Nature Valley granola bars, which have been effective. In addition, Greek yogurt has been a major benefit for the company overseas as it has opened new markets along with the company's Hagen Daz brand, which is being implemented overseas in Asian markets to provide a competitive advantage with a globally recognized brand of quality ice cream.
    In reference to buyer power, it is very easy for General Mills to lose customers to their competitors as they can easily switch to other competitors who sell the same general products. Therefore, they can drive prices down, which places importance on innovation and quality because each individual customer will need to remain loyal to General Mills to prevent the company from losing these customers to competitors.

    (b) Using PEST, assess General Mills' remote environment using a minimum of two PEST forces.

    General Mills has been effective in detecting the consumer attitudes and opinions as well as social lifestyle trends associated with new demographics of younger consumers. This is why it is a leader in the energy bar market as it has adapted its products to meet the expectations of younger more active customers who prefer these bars to other snacks. General Mills has effectively cornered this particular market, and it has been a financial success for the company. In reference to the economy, General Mills is highly attuned to the American economic situation and trends as well as those overseas, which is why it has effectively moved into the Asian market as countries such as China become more economically powerful and citizens in these countries have more spending power. Therefore, luxury items such as $10-15 Hagen Daz's Ice Cream, which is a product under General Mills, is being sold in these new markets to adapt to new economic trends and realities.

    (c) Conclude your assessment about the overall environment. Is it more or less favorable for General Mills? Give your ranking from 1-10 (in which 1 = vast gloom and doom for this company; 10 = huge bonus this year!). Where do you think General Mills fits on this 1-10 scale?

    The overall environment is around 7 for General Mills. It is more favorable than unfavorable because the company has expanded successfully while also innovating to adapt to new social trends and economic realities in other countries


    a) Assess what you believe to be the most important aspects of the internal environment at General Mills. Do not try to analyze every aspect of the internal organization -- rather, identify a minimum of two internal strengths and/or weaknesses.

    b) Complete your SWOT by integrating the external environmental analysis you completed in Week 1 with your Week 2 internal analysis. Use your SWOT to conclude whether the organization's overall outlook is more - or less - favorable.

    It is very important for a company to assess its strengths so that it can use them to neutralize (or better yet, to eliminate) environmental threats and take advantage of opportunities. The organization must recognize (and it must work to shore up) its weaknesses so that opportunities are not missed, and such that threats are much less likely to put the company at risk.

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    a) Assess what you believe to be the most important aspects of the internal environment at General Mills. Do not try to analyze every aspect of the internal organization -- rather, identify a minimum of two internal strengths and/or weaknesses.

    Two internal strengths at General Mills include their innovation and their ability to adapt to social changes and cultural shifts. The company has successfully upgraded their strategic approach to align with the needs of younger consumers while also adapting to different changes in the market place.

    Two weaknesses include the market ...

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