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    General Mill's values, vision, and mission statement

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    This solution provides General Mill's values, vision, and mission statement and identifies its' stakeholders. Includes APA formatted references.

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    General Mill's mission statement is, "In the early days, that meant producing flour from America's heartland to feed a hungry, westward-expanding nation. Over time, it centered on making convenient, ready-to-eat breakfast cereals that provided nutrition to tackle the day.
    Today, we're nourishing lives in more than 100 countries with products that make life healthier, easier and richer.
    We're with you at the family dinner table ... on a nature trail ... or at a special celebration.
    We're also there with you in communities across America and around the world.
    Nourishing Lives is our mission." (General Mills, 2015).

    A report from 2012 states, "General Mills' mission statement is "To make lives healthier, easier and ...

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    This detailed solution provides General Mill's mission and vision statement, values, and identifies the organization's stakeholders. Includes APA formatted references.