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Environmental Studies

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One aspect of sustainability is ecological restoration. What is ecological restoration and how is it important to ecosystems? What are four traditional reasons for the development of parks and protected areas? What fifth reason has been added recently? What are ways that you can aid damaged ecosystems?

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To maintain a sustainable environment humans must be able to meet their current needs 'and allow future generations to meet their needs. Ecological restoration is continually restoring a human damaged ecosystem toward its former state. Information on habitat destruction needs to be compared with past habitat conditions. Long-term history of habitat conditions can be obtained from fossil records, core samples, and tree analysis. Some organisms adapt to habitat destruction by migration, adaptation, and acclimatization. Migration depends on the amount of degradation and availability of a new habitat.

Adaptation is the ability to survive due to a changing environment. Adaptation depends on population size, length of generation, and gene flow between population variations. Acclimatization is the ability to adjust ...

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Views on sustainability and ecological restoration and it's importance to ecosystems. Discuss recent and traditional reasons for the development of parks and protected areas. :List ways to help damaged ecosystems.

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