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    Green architecture and water management

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    Discuss the major components of the hydrologic cycle and identify the processes involved in the transfer or exchange of water from one reservoir to another. In the correct context, use the following vocabulary in your discussion: watershed, transpiration, percolate, runoff, precipitation, groundwater, evaporation, estuary.

    How would you argue against the following statement made during the zoning board hearings in your local community? "Deserts are barren, hot and dry wastelands. My proposed housing development, including off-road vehicle recreation areas, will replace this scorching, arid, harsh environment with a revenue-generating complex that will benefit the entire community."

    What is green architecture? Discuss examples of green architecture that have been incorporated into Oberlin College's Lewis Center for Environmental Studies Building intended to save energy, reduce waste, conserve water, construct the building, and teach environmental ethics to students.

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    Watersheds surround reservoirs, conducting the runoff into it. Some precipitation percolates through the soil and is incorporated into groundwater. Evaporation removes some precipitation and returns it to the atmosphere. Estuaries are natural water habitats that are important ecologically, and in preventing floods.

    Deserts are unique ecosystems that are home to many threatened and endangered species. The ...