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    Green Marketing campaign

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    Newsweek purchasers qualified for a free reusable Target shopping bag.
    NBC's reality show, the Biggest Loser eliminated water bottles from the set.
    Zephyrhill's rolled out a new bottle made of 30% less plastic.

    1-Pick an existing consumer product.

    2-Pitch an idea to the product's manufacturer to position it as "green." Sell the concept as if you are the marketing executive for the green company looking to win the account.

    3-Identify your competition and discuss how your new and improved product is poised to compete.

    4-what they(other classmates'product) could do to strengthen their green marketing campaign.

    Please provide references.

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    //Before describing about the 'Green Marketing Campaign' for the Company, it is essential to select a consumer product. One should know about the main features and manufacturing of the selected product, which further will assist in developing the campaign, effectively.//

    The consumer product which I have chosen is the mineral water bottle, which is reformed and uses very less plastic content. As it was felt that the bottles were old and outdated so the company decided to come up with a new and attractive style and packaging, which would appeal better to the customers and create a premium image of the product and the company. The manufacturing of this bottle will help in reducing waste and will also be beneficial for the environment. The manufacturers should always keep the environmental affect in mind from the point of delivering the packed water bottles through shipping operations to the consumption by the people. But the process does not stop here. After usage, the bottles are recycled, so they should contain less plastic and should be made of bio-degradable material. This new ...

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