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Architecture and the Environment

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Can you please start me off in the right direction on the following:

- Describe how physcial structures affect human behavior.
- Analyze architecture as a means of controlling human behavior.
- Describe the environment psychological implications of commercial and residential
design, including purpose and consideration.
- Analyze the importance of architectural development supporting sustainable development.

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This solution address the relationship between architecture, the environment and human behavior.

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First of all, try not to worry about this assignment. Don't get too overwhelmed with details and just think about the topic from a general perspective. Try answering these questions to yourself, to get yourself thinking about the topic:

-- What kind of building do you live in? study in? work in? shop in? travel in?

-- How do you feel in those different kind of structures?

-- Do some buildings make you feel inspired?

-- Do other buildings make you feel closed-in or claustrophobic?

-- Have you ever thought about how shopping malls make you want to buy more?

I think after you consider these questions, you will realize that the buildings we spend time in, as residents, as shoppers, as students, as employees, actually do affect our feelings and our thoughts - our psychology. This is why architects don't just study geometry and physics - they actually study psychology too.

I have attached a ...

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