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Flow Chart Process Presentation

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Flow charts are an important tool for Riordan and many organizations. The flow charts will allow the company control and with the control quality comes compliance. This flow chart will streamline the business through the information technology department to enhance the system and enhance the manufacturing portion of the business as the same time.

The first portion of the flow chart will discuss internal auditing. If the internal auditing process is lacking, the business could falter. The internal auditing process will help the company correct any mishaps and wrongdoings to make the process flow. Once the internal auditing process is intact, the businesses control of documents is the next step in the flow chart.
The auditing procedure aligned the process; the control of documents will bring the process together. This control will control every document the company receives and produces, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, human resources, sales contracts, marketing plans and engineering portfolios. The readiness of document retrieval will bring the business to the next level.

The next step in the flow chart will be Control of Nonconformity. This is a crucial step as the level of control must be related to the risk associated to the nonconformity. What does this mean? It will advise the company of any breaches in the production and process control functions of the business.

Next is corrective action. "Is the action to eliminate the cause of a detected nonconformity? There can be more than one nonconformity. Corrective action is taken to prevent recurrence. Correction relates to containment whereas corrective action relates to the root cause." (Niles 2002) This is a crucial factor for Riordan in its manufacturing processes. If the current system cannot help detect these issues, the company's market share could be lost to a competitor who is able to proper undertake corrective action. The issue of the business should never be a burden to the customer.

Now that the above sections have been covered, the next step on the flow chart is product identification and traceability. If the company cannot identify its products properly and trace the supply chain process, the business can be considered in troubled waters. This is where the barcode scanning will come into play. All products, materials and orders will be scanned, identified and traceable. When a client orders a product, this IT tool will become valuable when the clerk can answer the question with the click of the mouse. All products can be traced and accounted for through this technology.

The steps taken will produce a flow chart that is intact and aligned. The IT process will take the company to the next level of automation through communication. The IT Manager and company leaders will discuss what is needed and through this communication, the above flow chart steps will be implemented. In all businesses communication is a significant factor for success. The communication produces the flow chart that will play a pivotal role in the organization's success. All major companies use flow charts and Riordan is no different.


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