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SPC Chart

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Complete the following actions, using the Excel file "Optional Problem Data Student File" for the actions involve Excel:

1. Prepare an SPC chart in Excel for each concourse using the data collected during the period 8/4 to 8/13 (data provided below).
2. Paste each SPC chart into a separate slide in a PowerPoint presentation (select the graph in Excel, right click and select Copy, go to PowerPoint slide, go to Home tab, click on the down arrow below Paste in the upper left of toolbar, select Paste Special, select "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)", and then select OK.
3. On each PowerPoint slide (one for each concourse) annotate each data point on the control chart with a C (common cause variation) or an S (special cause variation).
4. Specify whether the process associated with each concourse is or is not in control on each slide;
5. Specify whether the process associated with each concourse is or is not capable on each slide;
6. Explain the managerial implications of the data for each concourse. State clearly how you would address the situation on Concourse A and the situation on Concourse B - include these notes on additional slide(s) in your PowerPoint presentation;
7. Submit your PowerPoint presentation and Excel spreadsheet.

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The expert prepares an SPC chart in Excel. The managerial implications of the data for each concourse are determined.

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