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    Process Improvement at Riordian

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    As a member of a group of employees and managers of Riordan Mfg have been selected to run a pilot process improvement team.

    Continuing with Riordan Mfg. organization, review the attachment data as criteria to identifying a process for improvement in the organization. Include the following items:

    a. A description of the process targeted for improvement (200 words)

    b. An "As-Is flow chart" of the process to be analyzed (Excel chart format -please attach separately from text portion within response)

    c. Quality tools that you would recommend using to collect and present data from this type of process (high level overview - 100 words)

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    STEP 1
    A description of the process targeted for improvement (200 words)

    In the Riordian Manufacturing's China plant operation, there is forecast made of the number of fans to be manufactured, this forecast is given to a local company and this company is expected to keep adequate stocks of motors. In reality, the stocks maintained by the company are inadequate and this leads to only 93% of the deliveries on time. What Riordian needs to do is to either have a second manufacturer of motors or divide the forecasted ...

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    This posting discusses one of Riordian's process selected for improvement. .. It also shows how quality tools can effectively be used at Riordian. .