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    Gilmore, D., (2002). Achieving transportation excellence. World Trade, Troy

    Companies across every industry segment are striving to become supply chain management (SCM) leaders. SCM leaders achieve this status by reducing cycle times and operating costs, increasing supply chain velocity, and enhancing top line revenue growth through improved customer satisfaction. There is a growing recognition of the role that transportation and logistics excellence plays in achieving a world-class supply chain. Transportation costs represent a substantial component of overall supply chain and corporate spend for many companies. Transportation management solutions (TMS) can enable companies to take back control of their transportation processes and drive out transportation related costs. TMS can deliver these savings through: 1. process improvement, 2. shipment optimization, 3. continuous moves, and 4. carrier.

    How is process improvement important to achieving transportation excellence? How might process improvement be extended to other areas of logistics planning? (in 3 pages and references)

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    Process improvement is very important to achieve is transportation excellence, due to the fact that process improvement will make the overall operations within the transportation department much more efficient and effective. By making the operational procedures within the transportation department much more efficient and effective, this will in eliminate a great deal of wasteful activities that are time-consuming as well as consume financial resources. Process improvement would help organizational leadership to be able to utilize situational awareness methodologies in order to ascertain the present operational efficiency and effectiveness of transportation within the organization, in order to ascertain where improvements need to be made, and what areas these improvements need to be made most expeditiously. Process improvement will also help organizational leadership to ascertain or clearly define the specific mission of each component of the transportation operational paradigm, in order to streamline their activities in a manner that focuses them on achieving only pertinent aspects of their duties, which will in turn make them able to achieve these missions more expeditiously and with a reduced number of resources. Process improvement is also very important to achieving transportation excellence, due to the fact that this form of improvement helps organizational leadership to ascertain the effectiveness of the present methods of executing transportation activities within the organization, to eliminate unneeded and unnecessary activities, to add additional helpful execution activities, and to systematically improve upon those transportation activities that are presently working well within the organization. Process improvement can help to bring about transportation ...