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    Role of process improvement in transport excellence

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    Based on the attached reading, answer the following:
    How is process improvement important to achieving transportation excellence? How might process improvement be extended to other areas of logistics planning?

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    To understand why process improvement is important to achieving transportation excellence, we have to look at what process improvement really is. Process improvement ultimately relates to analyzing or improving a system (in this case, transportation). Any enterprise process could be improved. For example, in transportation, a company can focus on improving its software system for managing employees, payroll, inventory, and even drivers - integrated with an internal global positioning system. Transportation may even focus on improved routes, reduced fuel mileage via optimal vehicle maintenance; or driver training to reduce hazards and increase safety on the road, and so on. The key is improvement over the process, whatever the 'process' may be.

    The article references that, "By automating key transportation and logistics processes through advanced TMS, most companies are able to substantially reduce or ...

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    This solutions explains how process improvement is integral to achieving transportation excellence and other logistical processes.