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    Critical elements of Total Quality Strategy and roles of Senior Management, Middle Management and Work Force in implementing it.

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    Q.6 What are critical elements of Total Quality Strategy? What are roles of Senior Management, Middle Management and Work Force in implementing Total Quality Strategy?

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    A total quality strategy has several critical elements
    1. a customer-focused vision,
    2. a concept of the voice of the customer,
    3. a way of learning form outstanding companies,
    4. an expression of caring for employees,
    5. a means of removing the barriers to achieving quality, and
    6. a measurement plan.

    A total quality strategy does, however require significant changes in organization design, processes, and culture. More successful companies have developed their own unique approaches to fit their own requirements. Building and sustaining a TQ organization requires as readiness for change, the adoption of sound practices and implementation strategies, and an ...

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    In the solution, the six critical elements of a total quality strategy are listed followed by a paragraph discussing the significant changes in organization design needed for implementation. The roles of senior management and middle management in the process are explained. Reference: Total Quality by Evans