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    Quality Management Process (TQM, ISO 9000, Six Sigma)

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    After all your production planning analysis, you have been asked to prepare a Quality Management Planning Strategy for management and employees.
    Using course materials and other resources, develop a strategy document with the following action items:

    Identify the overall Quality Management Process (TQM, ISO 9000, Six Sigma) the company will use, and explain the rationale for such change. Be aware of industry requirements (i.e. service operations are different from manufacturing, and each process may offer specific advantages for a specific industry). Describe how you will implement the process in the company (make any necessary reasonable assumptions you need with the scenario, such as company organization or structure).
    Once you identify and explain the process, outline the specific tools and techniques the company will use for quality management. Consider the usefulness of all the charting and statistical quality metric techniques and identify which ones it should use.
    Develop a communications memorandum to the factory workers announcing these changes and explaining the value of them. Remember, quality management principles all focus on employee involvement and continuous improvement.

    please provide references

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    //Quality management is a process through which the quality standard of products or services is judged. Certain practices and processes are used by the company to ensure the quality production. In the following context, total quality management has been discussed along with describing the process of TQM used in the company. Along with this, certain tools and techniques used by the company to maintain the quality management has also been discussed.//

    Use of Total Quality Management in Manufacturing Companies

    Total quality management is a tool that guides every individual in an organization to work towards producing the goods, which would satisfy the ultimate customers. Total quality is important from the point of view of company, as well as, the customers as the goodwill of the company will be improved when it produces goods with zero defects and will ultimately lead to customer satisfaction (Ltd, 2012).

    Process of implementing TQM in an organization

    Understanding the vision, mission, goal, and objective of the organization. The first step in TQM process is the ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 647 words with APA references