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Different Models Efforts for CF&F Tech Division

Phase 1 Discussion Board

Deliverable Length: 300-500 words
Details: You're having a discussion with your manager and other members of the Human Resources department about the situation at CF&F and your division in particular. The conversation turns to diagnostic process efforts and how they impact the change management. Discuss three different models efforts (e.g. Six Sigma) in relation to the Tech Division. Discuss the important aspects of each effort, including the strengths and weakness of each. Explain and defend which model would be the best one for the CF&F Tech Division to support them through their stages of change.

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According to 6sigmagroup.com, the following are the strengths of Six Sigma: high return on investment; long term value through changing culture and improving on efficiency and effectiveness; lots of literature available for reference; higher and better learning for managers by helping them learn to manage by dashboards, build a better team of proactive problem solvers, and become better managers of people. Among the weaknesses are as follows: management style undergoes total change which needs to be carefully managed; the need to do it properly and completely otherwise it won't work; very easy to make mistakes in the implementation as some organizations have a hard time changing the way they work; successful implementation requires 100% commitment to change from all of the CEO and the leadership team to guide their members; it can be expensive, e.g., hire consultants; it has no standardization and companies may brand Six Sigma their way; transformation takes time although results are quick; many consultants but actually ...

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The solution discusses three different models efforts: Six Sigma, ISO 9001-2000, and Total Quality Management (TQM). A recommendation on the best model to be used for CF&F Tech Division is also discussed. References included.