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Total Quality Management and ISO 9000 certification

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Research Total Quality Management and ISO 9000 certification. How would you apply these concepts to SAL, LTD (see attached)? What suggestions would you make to start a quality program or build a program from scratch to help SAL, Ltd. and to start exporting internationally where ISO 9000 certification is mandatory?

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The total quality management and ISO 9000 certification is examined. The expert builds a program from scratch to help SAL, Ltd.

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Total quality management (TQM) is a management approach that helps companies to gain long-term success in the market through customer satisfaction (Sallis, 2002). In order to effectively apply the TQM in an organization, it is necessary that all members actively participate in the improvement program for products or services, culture and processes. Following are some ways that will be helpful in order to apply TQM in SAL ltd.
First, it will be necessary for the company to develop a purpose statement for improving the products or services. Company should also adopt a new philosophy in order to apply TQM. Company should focus on building quality on the product rather than depending on external or internal inspection to find out the errors (Oakland, 2003). To apply TQM, company should also buy one item from a single supplier it will help in insuring about the quality of raw materials. It will also be important to develop a quality program in order to apply the TQM in the organization. These quality programs will help the employees at SML ltd to understand the TQM concept and apply this in the production processes effectively.
Several other requirements such as elimination of targets for the workforce and numerical goals for management will also be necessary to implement the TQM concept. Company should also build an institute a vigorous program of self-improvement for each people in the organization and break down different barriers exist ...

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