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    ISO 9000 and the Supply Chain

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    Describe ISO 9000 and its role in supply chains. Search the Internet for an example of a company that is ISO 9000 certified and search its website for any reference to why it became certified and/or what that means to its customers. Share your findings.

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    Describe ISO 9000 and its role in supply chains.

    ISO9000 is a standard laid out by an international body, the ISO and it is not an acronym but a short term for the Greek word isos which means 'equal'. The group is known as the International Organization for Standards.

    ISO9000 is a standard designed to inform consumers and governments whether a business conforms to a basic level of quality. ISO does not grant certification to organizatins but third-party groups are vested with the power to issue ISO9000 certifications by their respective national accreditation bodies. The ISO9000 documents include an overview of the system and the sorts of quality control that it is attempting to accomplish and the requirements for a business to meet the certification and how to continually improve the business to keep raising the bar of service and product quality. ISO9000's specific goals and guidelines are different for various industries and most countries have specific groups set up by industry leaders to interpret the standards for their sector.

    ISO9000 tells suppliers and manufacturers what is required of a quality-oriented management system and it does not set ...

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    The solution describes ISO 9000 and its role in supply chains. It also lists two companies which are ISO 9000 certified and how they became certified and/or what their certification means to their customers. References included.